When I stumbled upon ze-binary-signals.com, at first I thought it was a website promoting safari tours in Africa so I was a bit confused how I got there after googling “binary options signals providers”. Upon closer inspection I realized that I was on the right track. ZE Binary Signals had quite impressive performance so I decided to give it a try, since they offered a 3-day free trial of their service. Free stuff! I love it!

Binary Signals

Binary Signals

ZE Binary Signals. All I needed to do was fill out the registration form indicating some basic information along with my Skype. They issue their signals in Skype groups so it’s very important to state correct Skype name. In about 15 minutes I was contacted by my account manager and chose a session for my free trial. A very nice lady, by the way. I was promised that I would get from 4 to 7 signals in every session.

Once I got 8 signals (5 of them ITM) and once I got only 3, but all of them were winning ones so I guess their tactic, when the market is highly volatile, is that if they have already won 3 signals, there’s no need to risk. Well, can’t say that I disagree with that.

Binary Options Deals

Overall, I enjoyed the trial, about 85% of signals were profitable ones, which is a very good result. However, I’m very suspicious by nature so I always double-check before getting involved in anything in this world, that’s why my wife had to wait for me to propose for 10 years. Kidding, only 8 years.

After my trial with ZE Binary Signals I decided to check all their sessions so I bought signals in all sessions for 1 week. It was definitely worth it! And now look at me I’ve purchased all sessions for 3 months and thinking about earning enough to buy ZE Binary Signals itself. Just kidding. Or maybe not. Who knows…

As a conclusion: Don’t be stupid missing this opportunity to earn and since it was checked by me be sure that this service is a lucky strike.